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About me

When I'm asked where I am from the answer is never simple.

I was born in Milan, where I grew up till the age of 18. I come from a classical music background and originally trained as a classical pianist. Right after my high school degree, I moved to Israel, where I graduate first at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (B.Mus in modern singing and composition) and then at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Research MA in Musicology and Cognition).

Today I'm a singer, songwriter, actress, vocal coach, musicologist and producer of musical events. 

My carrier shows all the diversities I have in my background: different genres, different languages, different music worlds, different cultures.

I firmly believe in music, and singing especially, as a tool to connect both with ourselves and with others. Finding our own voice is a path of personal growth, and learning to join the choir of the people sharing their lives with us is essential to our well being. 

My goal as an artist is to bring music wherever I go, to use it as a tool to reach the other, to make it accessible to everyone.

Art is what allows us to express ourselves in all our colors.

Follow me to find out mine. 

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It is my belief that the key to teaching is listening. Each student has personal needs to be answered and challenges to be helped face. My main job as a teacher and an educator is not that to impose a sound to my students, but to help them find their own voice, their own sound. To do that, I teach them to listen. Not to me, but to themselves. This aspect is especially critical when it comes to teenagers. Adolescents students can be demanding, but through them I fell in love with my job. Through the years I see my students growing, developing, understanding who they are and who they want to be.

Singing allows them to understand themselves, to express themselves, to build self confidence during these crucial years. Anyone can sing, and even more than that: everyone should be allowed to have the chance to sing. My job is that to give that chance to as many people as possible.   

An important part in my teaching is played by my work on stage fright. Music Performance Anxiety is a very frequent problem among musicians of all age, and singers are no exception. My method is designed to help my student face this issue. The techniques I developed are based on a wide range study I wrote for my Master Degree in Cognitive Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Want to know more about my teaching method, my work on overcoming stage fright and read feedback from my students?

Safe Shore

Original Theatrical Musical written and directed by Maya Buenos with musics by Danny Fine, with the participation of the Ra'anana Symphony Orchestra, produced by the Buenos Ensemble and running in Israel since July 2019

Role: Actress and Singer


A-cappella jazz ensemble performing jazz arrangement of popular music in English and Hebrew running shows in all Israel since 2017.

Components: Sigal Chameides, Lilack Krekauer, Michal Tamari, Dov Entin, Ido Marco, Yuval Siman tov

Role: Founder, Manager and Singer

Voca Shabbat

Original interactive a-cappella ensemble show produced by Beit Avi Chai Jerusalem Museum with music by Nadav Vikinski and Yair Serri under the direction of Hanoch Reim, running during Summer Seasons since 2017

Role: Singer and Actress

Role: Actress and Singer

"Trouble in Tahiti" of L. Bernstein.

 Produced by the Jerusalem Symphony Street Orchestra under the conduction of Maestro Ido Shpitalnik during the Winter season of 2019 - 2020

Trouble in Tahiti

Role: Assistant to production

"Rigoletto" of G.Verdi.

Produced by the Jerusalem Opera House during the Winter season 2019-2020 with an international cast and under the direction of Maestro Grabriele Ribis and the conduction of Maestro Omer Arieli


Role: Actress and Singer

Original Theatrical Musical written and directed by Maya Buenos, with music by Danny Fine, produced by the Jerusalem Tower of David Museum for the Winter Season of 2018-2019 and performed at the Matperà - Events Hall in the Summer Season of 2020

On That Night

Role: Actress and Singer

Interactive multi disciplinary show produced by Beit Avi Chai Jerusalem Theatre, written and directed by Maya Buenos in occasion of the Jerusalem Theatre Festival of 2019

Made in Jerusalem

Role: Manager, Producer, Singer and Front Woman

Live show running since 2016 with concerts in Italy and Israel. Original music by Sigal Chameides and covers in Italian, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and French

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